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‘Just Survive Arena’ is About Avoiding Traps and Just Surviving… in an Arena, Coming April 12th

Ah, there’s nothing like a good arena shooter. It’s just you dropped into a room fending off wave after wave of enemies with whatever firepower you can get your hands on. But what if there was an arena shooter without the shooting? How would that even work? Well I guess you could just run around and try to avoid whatever is out to get you. Actually… that sounds pretty cool. Someone should make a game like that. Oh well would you look at that, it looks like Juicy Beetle Games has already gone and done just that with their upcoming title Just Survive Arena. Instead of different types of enemies coming after you, you’ll need to contend with all manner of crazy environmental hazards like rolling spike logs, saw blades, bombs, and more. The goal is to just survive, just like it says in the title. Here’s a quick video showing what Just Survive Arena looks like in action.

The game stars Collin the Orc but features a number of other characters to unlock as you play as well as a number of unlockable arenas of death to conquer. And while just surviving is the main goal of the game there will be additional missions to accomplish which will help you earn rewards beyond the basic reward of just remaining alive. Just Survive Arena looks like a neat concept and a neat spin on arena-style survival games, and you can look forward to checking it out for yourself when it launches on both iOS and Android on April 12th.