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Gorgeous Dice-Based Board Game ‘Sagrada’ is Coming to iOS, Android, and Desktop on March 31st

Dire Wolf Digital has announced today that a digital adaptation of dice-based board game Sagrada from Floodgate Games will be officially launching on iOS, Android, and Steam later this month on March 31st. I say officially because as of a couple of weeks ago Sagrada has already been available in early access on both Steam and the Google Play Store, but with feedback based on that limited release Dire Wolf has fixed up the relevant bugs and issues from early players and are now feeling confident enough about the full release version to let it loose on the world in a little under two weeks from now. It’s actually been known they’d be making a digital version of Sagrada since last summer, when they unveiled this gorgeous teaser trailer.

In Sagrada you’ll take turns choosing a dice and placing it in the stained glass window board. There are restrictions on both the number showing on the dice and its color meaning that just figuring out where to place it on the board is a puzzle you’ll need to solve. In addition you’ll need to “adapt to the fickle demands of your patrons" while maintaining your own artistic vision in order to earn additional prestige. When the board is full and the window is completed, the one who created the most beautiful window will be the winner. The digital version of Sagrada will include online and local multiplayer, as well as the ability to play solo against a single or multiple AI opponents. So far the early access impressions from players have been extremely positive so look out for the full release of Sagrada on desktop and mobile devices on March 31st.