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The Mobile Version of ‘Levelhead’ Looking for Beta Testers Ahead of April 30th Launch

Two years after our first experience with the latest project from Butterscotch Shenanigans, the brothers from St. Louis announced just yesterday that that project will finally be launching in full on April 30th of this year. In case you didn’t know I’m talking about Levelhead, a platforming game with a robust level editor and a heavy emphasis on players creating and sharing whatever crazy level creations they can dream up. It’s similar to something like Super Mario Maker except it’s on more than just Nintendo’s platforms and it won’t cost you sixty dollars. Levelhead will be heading to iOS, Android, Xbox, Switch, and PC on April 30th, and here is its most recent trailer announcing that release date.

So why am I talking about all this AGAIN when I just talked about all this yesterday? Because, ahead of that April 30th launch, Butterscotch would like to do a limited beta test of the mobile version of Levelhead to iron out any last minute issues. That means that YOU could be playing Levelhead on your mobile device as soon as this weekend rather than a month and a half from now. The catch? There are a limited number of spots. So if you’re interested in applying for one of those precious testing spots, just fill out this brief Google form with all of the pertinent information and hopefully you’ll be hand plucked by the gentle hands of the Butterscotch folks. The registration ends on Friday at 5pm CST. If you don’t end up being one of the chosen ones, well, that’s OK too because that April 30th official launch of Levelhead isn’t all that far away anyway, so chin up!