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‘Soccer Rally: Arena’ Soft-Launches on iOS and Android in the US with Cross-Platform Online Multiplayer

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Everyone knows about Rocket League, and it is certainly the game that made “cars playing soccer (or football, depending on where you’re from)" a mainstream thing. But did you know that a few years before Rocket League hit, developer Iceflame Games was already onto the whole car soccer thing with their 2012 mobile game Soccer Rally? I mean, in reality Top Gear popularized the concept many years prior by doing it in real life, but I have definitely heard many people wishing for a mobile version of Rocket League over the years and I find it funny that we’ve essentially had something along those lines for the better part of a decade already. A couple of years later Soccer Rally 2 arrived and offered a ton of new features, but lacked one of the most requested ones by fans: online multiplayer. Iceflame eventually restructured and rebranded itself Lava Skull Games and set out to achieve the goal of online multiplayer in their popular car soccer game. We sat down with them at GDC 2018 to get a demo of that dream in action, a dream called Soccer Rally: Arena. Here is the most recent trailer.

While it’s been nearly two years since we’ve heard a peep about Soccer Rally: Arena, Lava Skull has been head down working hard on the title and it is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. This week Soccer Rally: Arena has officially soft-launched in the US App Store for iOS as well as the Google Play Store for Android. It offers up a variety of modes to engage in 3v3 multiplayer matches and the online multiplayer is cross platform between both iOS and Android. While no specific release date is in mind just yet this is definitely a huge step in that direction, so if you’re in the US and want to experience playing soccer with cars on your iOS or Android device, check out the newly soft-launched Soccer Rally: Arena and be sure to drop by our forums to leave your thoughts about it.


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