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Update: Pre-Registrations for the English Version of ‘Fallout Shelter Online’ Are Now Live

Fallout Shelter Online from Gaea Mobile launched in China a while ago as a successor to Fallout Shelter. Today, pre-registrations for the English version have gone live on Google Play and the official website. Fallout Shelter Online is also free to play and it features PvP, PvE, a guild system, and more. While Fallout Shelter was published by Bethesda worldwide, it looks like Gaea Mobile is handling Fallout Shelter Online outside China. Watch the trailer for Fallout Shelter Online below:

Fallout Shelter Online will also feature heroes from the Fallout franchise that you can recruit alongside the usual vault management and more. As of now, the official website has pre-registrations live with rewards including caps, pre-war money, Nuka-Cola Quantum, and more with different pre-registration tiers. You can also pre-register on Google Play here. Do you still play Fallout Shelter regularly?

Update (March 12th): Bethesda just confirmed that as of now, Gaea’s Fallout Shelter Online is specific to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. Pre-registrations are not live for USA.

[Source: MMO Culture and Pocket Gamer]