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Enhanced Edition of Hit Throwback RPG ‘Ara Fell’ Launching on Mobile March 26th

If you’re a fan of 16-bit era RPGs, then you might be familiar with a throwback to that era that was released on Steam back in 2016 called Ara Fell from developer Stegosoft Games. The aim of Ara Fell was to combine “the best parts of Japanese-style roleplaying games with the best parts of western RPGs, as well as including elements of visual novels and adventure games to create a truly unique experience." While I never played the game myself, it seems that they succeeded at that goal as the game has some very positive reviews on Steam. Now more than 3 years removed from that original release, Dangen Entertainment is teaming up with Stegosoft release an enhanced version of the game appropriately titled Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition, and this time around it will be making its way to a lot more platforms including mobile. Check out the trailer.

I’ll tell you what, I am super digging the look of Ara Fell. But what exactly is so “enhanced" about this new version? Well according to Dangen the list of new features will include “a revamped battle system, new character classes and skills, new side quests, an overhauled UI, upgraded crafting system, new enchanting system, enhanced aspect ratios, new difficulty modes, an autosave feature, Twitch integration, and more!" Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. In addition to iOS and Android, Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition will launch on Steam, Humble Store,, and GOG on the PC side of things, with Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on the console side of things. The price will be $14.99 and the release date is set for March 26th, and I’m definitely looking forward to checking this one out.