‘Loud House: Outta Control’ from Nickelodeon Is This Week’s Addition to Apple Arcade

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As with the last few weeks, a new Apple Arcade game has been added to the service today. This week’s addition is from Nickelodeon and it looks like Apple is going for something different each week with the new titles added to the service. After Secret Oops! arrived last week, Apple Arcade gets a casual strategy experience in the form of Loud House: Outta Control () based on The Loud House series from Nickelodeon. Loud House: Outta Control is a singleplayer game. As expected, it has some great animation and designs.

Your aim in Loud House: Outta Control is to guide characters to complete their tasks before the time runs out. There are some hilarious collisions during gameplay as well. It is interesting seeing Apple expand the reach of Apple Arcade with games aimed at a younger audience here. Loud House: Outta Control features the Loud House in different settings with different challenges. You unlock collectibles by earning medals. New levels are unlocked as you discover more about the Loud House. If you’re interested in checking it out, Loud House: Outta Control is now available on Apple Arcade. Check it out here. Make sure to head over to our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion around the service and games. What genre do you want on Apple Arcade next?

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    Welcome to the Loud House! Are you ready to get OUTTA CONTROL?! Enter the chaotic world of Lincoln Loud and his sisters …
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