Apple Arcade Racer ‘Speed Demons’ from Radiangames Gets Massive Content Update

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A little over a year ago in December of 2018, long-time mobile indie developer Radiangames announced an ambitious new project called Speed Demons. Branching out from the typical dual-stick shooters and puzzle games this developer is known for, Speed Demons was a top-down driving game with an emphasis on destruction, almost like a near cousin to the classic Burnout series of games. Throughout 2019 Radiangames was strangely tight-lipped about what the launch plans were for Speed Demons, but once Apple began announcing more details for their Apple Arcade service we found out why. Speed Demons was courted by Apple and launched alongside the Apple Arcade service back in September, and we enjoyed it quite a bit in our review.

Well Radiangames hasn’t been just sitting back and rolling in that sweet, sweet Apple Arcade money, and instead he’s been hard at work updating Speed Demons. There have been several updates released since the game originally came out in September, mostly dealing with lots of tweaks and fixes based on player feedback but also some containing new content. But none of those previous updates are in the same league as today’s version 1.2 update to the game. Here’s a quick trailer showing off the new update.

Basically you can now enjoy two brand new Chapters to the game’s campaign as well as 13 new vehicles and a whopping 100+ new events. I think there are officially fifty billion events in the game now. There are also 15 new environments (3 normal, 12 tracks) as well as new environmental effects like rain and dust, and two brand new modes to play, Slalom and Hit And Run. Radiangames has also “changed how AI steers to be more physics-based" and included even more fixes and tweaks based on feedback. And I’m pretty sure there’s even more stuff that’s not listed in the update description. Just a massive addition to what was already a content-rich game. If you’re an Apple Arcade subscriber you can grab the update for Speed Demons right now, and if you’re not you can take the service for a 30-day test drive for free to check out this game as well as 100+ other awesome titles.

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