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‘Quadracade’ Tasks You with Playing Four Arcade Games Simultaneously, Launching February 20th

One of my favorite things about the mobile space and one of the reasons I’ve been involved in it for more than a decade is because of the types of creativity you see when you have such a huge pool of developers with no barrier of entry to getting their ideas out into the world. One upcoming game which I’m finding quite clever is called Quadracade from developer Kieran Haden of Kikixel Studios. It’s their very first release and the idea here is that you’ll be playing a selection of more than 30 mobile-friendly mini games, but since most twitchy mobile games are too easy on their own, you’ll be playing 4 of them at once and trying to juggle between them as they rotate in and out. Here is a trailer showing Quadracade in action.

As I’m sure we all remember the WarioWare games made frantic micro-gaming popular nearly two decades ago, and if I had any early concerns about Quadracade prior to its release it’s that I don’t get that same sense of urgency from the mini games shown in the trailer. Of course that’s easy to say from the comfort of a keyboard, and it’ll be interesting to see jut how difficult it is to manage all 4 games at once in practice. At the very least I’m a big fan of the concept and think it’ll make for a nice mobile gaming experience, and I really dig all the homages to classic game genres in the game’s selection of 30 mini games. You can pre-order Quadracade on the App Store right now if that’s your thing and be sure to check it out when it launches on February 20th.