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Charming Puzzle Platformer ‘Circuit Dude’ Launching on iOS and Android this Thursday, Nintendo Switch Later this Month

Circuit Dude is a super clever puzzle platforming game from developer Jonathan Holmes, aka crait, that was originally released for the Arduboy open-source gaming handheld back in late 2016, and very well received by that community. Crait also released some slightly enhanced colorized versions of the game for other popular gaming handhelds like the BittBoy and PocketGo. Then about a year later during the summer of 2017, a fully-fleshed out version of Circuit Dude with completely redone visuals was released for PC and Mac on Steam, and since then all versions have been updated with new content and features including a full-blown level editor. Now, and I’m guessing you see where I’m going with all this, Circuit Dude is ready to make its debut on iOS and Android this Thursday, with a Nintendo Switch version planned to launch later this month as well. Check out the original Steam launch trailer to see just how awesome Circuit Dude looks in action.

Being that this mobile version of Circuit Dude is launching so far after the other versions, it has the benefit of coming with all the updates and improvements the other versions have received over the past couple of years right out of the box. That will include a whopping 120 levels which should provide 15+ hours of gameplay as well as the full level editor which will allow you to create and share levels online, meaning you might very well play this sucker until the end of time. From the fantastic pixel art, to the kick ass tunes, to the gameplay mechanics, Circuit Dude is pushing all of my buttons and I really can’t wait to get my hands on it. It’ll be launching this Thursday for $2.99 with no IAP, and is actually available for pre-order on the iOS App Store right now.