‘Butter Royale’ from Mighty Bear Games Is This Week’s Apple Arcade Addition

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Mighty Bear Games’ Butter Royale () is this week’s Apple Arcade addition. Over the last few weeks, additions to the service have been a bit erratic and subscribers still don’t have clarity on when to expect new games and how many will be added to the service. The Singapore based studio has developed a family friendly multiplayer battle royale experience that is food-themed for Apple Arcade. Unlike the other battle royale games on iOS, this one has an offline mode as well. Watch the trailer for it below:

Butter Royale has 50 playable characters and supports up to 32 players at once. It is a top down view battle royale that has one map with nine different zones right now. You can play solo or in a squad with friends. Mighty Bear Games says there will be seasonal events with new cosmetics and more. Check out the official website for the game here. Butter Royale is now live on Apple Arcade here. Check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion around individual games and the service. What do you think of the recent additions to the service?

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