‘Mobius Final Fantasy’ Is Shutting Down on March 31st in Japan and June 30th Worldwide

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Earlier today, Square Enix announced that Mobius Final Fantasy (Free) will be shutting down this March in Japan. There was no information about the version of the game available outside Japan at the time but the writing was on the wall. Square Enix have confirmed that the international version of Mobius Final Fantasy will also be shut down a bit later. Over the last few years, Square Enix has launched many free to play mobile RPGs and eventually some of them get shut down. The mobile version of Mobius Final Fantasy launched in 2016 internationally. Watch a trailer for the current story in the game below:

The international version of Mobius Final Fantasy will be around until June 30th which is a few months more than the Japanese version. Magicite will no longer be sold after March 31st. Any Magicite bought can be used until June 30th which is when the game will be shut down. Square Enix confirms that there will be in game event updates and a conclusion to the Warrior of Despair story before the game is shut down. Mobius Final Fantasy was one of the few Square Enix mobile games to also be released on PC through Steam. Mobius Final Fantasy is available for free on iOS and Android devices and you can checkout the forum thread for it here. Have you been playing Mobius Final Fantasy regularly?

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