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‘Mineblast’, the New Physics Platformer from ‘Super Cat Tales’ Developer Neutronized, is Launching Next Week

After releasing the lovely Yokai Dungeon last August, developer Neutronized aka Gionathan Pesaresi went to work on his next game project, a physics platformer called Mineblast. Actually the game had already been in development for several months by that point, but he wanted to keep it a surprise before publicly unveiling it at the end of November with a planned release date for January. But WHEN in January?? As of yesterday we now know the answer, as Neutronized tweeted out that Mineblast will be arriving next week on January 16th. As mentioned this is a physics platformer and as the name implies there are mines and there is a lot of blasting. Specifically, you’ll play as either Kuro or Dynaboy from the Super Cat Tales series and you’ll use dynamite on various types of destructible terrain in order to progress through each level. Here it is in action.

In an earlier developer video, Neutronized mentions making sure that the physics engine was a lot of fun and that it would enable players to tackle various tasks in different ways. For example, towards the end of the trailer you can see Kuro blasting away a platform that then falls down and creates a perfect protective “shell" that keeps the numerous bat enemies at bay while you pass safely through a tunnel. Stuff like that should be abundant during the game’s 80 levels, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Neutronized over the years it’s that he can make one hell of a platforming game. Look for Mineblast when it arrives next week.