Tales of the Arabian Nights, Cirqus Voltaire, and No Good Gofers Arrive in ‘Williams Pinball’

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Back in October Zen Studios got in the Halloween spirit when they brought the classic Creature from the Black Lagoon and Monster Bash pinball tables to their Williams Pinball (Free) app on iOS and Android (and to Pinball FX3 on consoles). Now they’re looking to end the year with a bang by adding three more new tables to the game in the form of Tales of the Arabian Nights, Cirqus Voltaire, and No Good Gofers. First up is 1996’s Tales of the Arabian Nights which has you traveling to the ancient city of Baghdad summoning good genies to help you fight off an evil genie. Cirqus Voltaire is from 1997 and has you attempting to perform various stunts in order to be accepted into the circus, and trying to defeat a giant Ringmaster that rises up from the floor to more or less make fun of you. Finally there’s No Good Gofers, also from 1997, which might as well be an unofficial Caddyshack tie-in table as you’ll be battling it out against pesky gophers on a golf course. Here are the three new tables in action.

As with most of Zen’s offerings, you have the ability to play these classic tables just as they were originally in as realistic a form as possible or as a totally amped up version with fantastical visuals and animations that could only be possible in video game form. As many of you already know, the Williams Pinball version of this game on mobile is a convoluted mess of IAP and in-game currencies that has you slowly unlocking new tables by gathering various parts and completing missions. If you’re not into all of that then you can actually purchase these tables outright for $9.99, or for 750 Zen Coins if you have some of those saved up. If you have fond memories of these ’90s Williams classic tables, then check them out right now in Williams Pinball on your mobile device or Pinball FX3 on other platforms.

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