’80s-Themed Roguelike Shoot ‘Em Up ‘Black Paradox’ Gets a Big Version 2.0 Update, Out Now on Android Too

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Just over a year ago, developer Fantastico Studio brought their neon-soaked 1980s themed roguelike shooter Black Paradox ($3.99) to the App Store. It was very similar in structure to another roguelike shooter called Steredenn which had launched on iOS the previous year, but contained enough differences that it really felt like a complementary game to Steredenn. I liked Black Paradox so much I picked it for our Game of the Week when it released, and there I called it the “hair metal cousin" to the more heavy metal themed Steredenn. Anyhoo, around the time of Black Paradox’s release, Steredenn announced a huge content update called Binary Stars for the iOS version of their game which ended up launching in January. Now, although it’s taken almost an entire year, Black Paradox also has a big content update of its own, bringing the game to version 2.0.

Probably the biggest new feature in this update is the Darkness mode, which you’ll unlock after beating the game at least once. This is a new Boss Rush mode that lets you play as your “dark" Black Paradox variant and also features 7 different variants of the game’s bosses that you’ll face off against. Besides that major new mode this update also includes a new secret boss, new enemy wave patterns, 1 new weapon and 1 new drone, new power-ups, new combos, new backgrounds, new music tracks, and finally the ability to refresh the shop if you want a new selection of items. Overall the iOS update doesn’t seem to be quite as robust as the desktop version’s 2.0 update, but I’m more than happy to have new content in one of my favorite games.

If you have yet to check out Black Paradox on iOS it’ll set you back just four measly dollars and provide hours upon hours of entertainment, or if you’re already a fan who hasn’t picked up the game in a while let this week’s update be your excuse to jump back into the fray. Oh and if you happen to be of the Android persuasion, Black Paradox launched on the Google Play Store a couple of weeks back.

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