‘Undead Horde’ from 10tons Is Finally Available on Android as a Premium Release with a Generous Launch Discount for a Limited Time

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Undead Horde ($5.99) from 10tons isn’t a twin stick shooter like most of their other games. It finally arrived on iOS last month after debuting on PC before. It was announced to release on mobile in Fall and after the iOS version released, we learned the Android release wasn’t too far off. Today, 10tons have brought Undead Horde to Google Play for Android owners worldwide with a launch discount. Watch the trailer for the mobile version below:

Undead Horde was our Game of the Week when it debuted on iOS and it has now released on Google Play for Android as a premium release. When it released on PC, it ended up becoming 10tons’ fastest selling release on Steam. It is also available on Nintendo Switch and you can read Shaun’s thoughts on that version here on our daily SwitchArcade feature. Undead Horde is currently available for $4.99 or $5.99 or the regional equivalent depending on your region on Google Play. The regular price is $9.99. The launch discount of 40 or 50% (depending on region) is live for a limited time. Check it out on Google Play here. Have you played Undead Horde on iOS or any other platform before?

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