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‘Old School Musical – Pocket Edition’ Launches on December 10th, Android Early Access Available Now

Last year French developer La Moutarde released a game called Old School Musical onto Nintendo Switch and Steam. It was an homage to the classic 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming all packaged up as a tight rhythm game. As the story goes, Tib and Rob wanted to get to the bottom of why their games were glitching out, so they embarked on a journey through a barrage of classic game lookalikes that barely skirted legal boundaries searching for those answers. The game itself is always a rhythm game but in the background you’ll take a tour through a bunch of highly recognizable titles. Old School Musical received a pretty warm reception on desktop and Switch, and now La Moutarde is bringing the game to mobile platforms as a special version called Old School Musical – Pocket Edition. Here’s the trailer.

So this isn’t a straight port of the regular Old School Musical, and instead is a free to play spinoff that axes the story mode but has “a strong focus on the epic Chicken Republic challenge mode." This means you won’t be blazing through a legally questionable riff on Mega Man or OutRun, but since the story mode was the most criticized part of the desktop and PC version, this might all be for the best. Now the game can focus on its strong rhythm mechanics and its extremely excellent chiptune soundtrack which features a ton of famous chiptune artists. The Pocket Edition will still contain more than 50 levels that each have their own unique chiptune soundtrack, and with the free to play model they have the hopes of rolling out more level packs at a regular pace. Old School Musical – Pocket Edition will officially launch on iOS and Android on December 10th, but if you’re an Android owner you can check out the Early Access version on Google Play right now.