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Beautiful Hexagonal Puzzler ‘Spring Falls’ Launches on November 17th

Beauty, nature, and hexagons make a great team. That might seem strange, but it’s proven true at least twice before in games like Evergarden from Flippfly and Valleys Between from Little Lost Fox. I couldn’t help but think of those titles when I saw the trailer for Spring Falls today, a game from developer Sparse that incorporates those three elements as well. Thankfully and surprisingly it seems that all three of these games use them in unique ways. Spring Falls is a game about eroding parts of a mountain to change the flow of water in order to grow a variety of wildflowers along the way. You can see how all this works in the following trailers for Spring Falls.

The game will come equipped with 60 hand-crafted levels as well as “Soft visuals, ambient-folk soundtrack, and environmental sounds for a meditative, relaxing experience. In fact Sparse really took the whole nature thing to heart with those environmental sounds, as most of them were recorded during actual real-world hikes in Latourell Falls in Oregon and Gatineau Park in Quebec. That’s pretty awesome! Spring Falls has already made quite an impression prior to its release, being showcased in the Indie Megabooth at both PAX East and PAX West this year. We’ll all be able to check it out when it arrives on the App Store on November 17th at a price of $3.99 with no ads or IAP, and if you want to get ahead of the game you can pre-order it right now.