‘Fate/Grand Order’ Is Getting a Special Campaign This Week to Celebrate 8 Million Downloads for the English Release on iOS and Android

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Fate/Grand Order (Free), the social RPG/visual novel hybrid has been super successful over the last few years and it continues to do well will multiple events and content additions. The English version released a while after the Japanese version and it is still not available worldwide with availability being restricted to just USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. Over the weekend at the Fate/Grand Order Localisation Panel at the game’s USA tour, Aniplex of America announced that this version has crossed 8 million downloads.

To celebrate this milestone, players will get daily login bonuses including ten Summon tickets after seven consecutive logins. If you’ve cleared the Final Singularity during this bonus period, you will also be given thirty Saint Quartz. This event begins on November 7th and will see the return of the Limited Time Servant (SSR) First Hassan. Hassan of the Serenity, and Hassan of the Hundred Personas will also have an increased drop rate for summons during this period. AP costs for Part 1 of the story will be reduced by 75% as well.

The “8 Million Downloads Campaign" will go on until November 14th and the 8 Million Downloads Pickup Summon will be available until November 21 featuring the return of First Hassan. Fate/Grand Order remains one of the bigger moneymakers in mobile and the English version is still behind the Japanese version in content. This month looks quite stacked though. Check out the official English website here. Do you play Fate/Grand Order regularly in English or through the Japanese release?

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