‘Man Vs. Missiles: Combat’ from Spiel Studios Just Got a Big Update Adding New Planes, Dark Mode, and More

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Spiel Studios released a new avoidance game following up Man Vs. Missiles with Man Vs. Missiles: Combat (Free) that built on the base of the original. After releasing on iOS and Android a little while ago, it got a few updates to fix some bugs and tweak the interface but there hadn’t been any major updates until now. Man Vs. Missiles: Combat version 1.5 just released bringing in various additions and improvements. Watch the trailer for it below:

Man Vs. Missiles: Combat has you facing off against not only missiles but also enemy planes. Today’s update brings in four new planes. Two are normal planes while 2 are VIP planes. A new UFO enemy has been added as well and it fires in all directions. The highlight feature for the update is dark mode. This can respect your system settings or can be changed from within the game just like the original Man Vs. Missiles update.

If you’re interested in playing it, you can download Man Vs. Missiles: Combat on the App Store for free here and on Android here. Just like the original, an optional VIP subscription is available in game for extra planes and more. Have you played Man Vs. Missiles: Combat yet?

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