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Hit Web Game ‘Renegade Racing’ is Heading to iOS and Android Soon Courtesy of Not Doppler

We were borderline obsessed with developer Not Doppler’s side-scrolling driving games Earn to Die and its sequel Earn to Die 2 when they became available on mobile several years ago, mostly due to the excellent sense of progression and constant vehicular chaos. They brought a similar sense of mayhem involving vehicles with Crash of Cars in the spring of 2017, a real-time multiplayer destruction derby of sorts. Then we didn’t really hear anything from them until this past August when they announced that they’d be bringing the ultra-popular zombie shooter Dead Zed from the web to mobile. This week they’ve announced that they’ll be bringing yet another web sensation to the mobile platform, this time one closer to their 2D side-scrolling racing roots with a game called Renegade Racing. Here is a trailer.

As you can see, Renegade Racing looks quite similar to the Earn to Die games in terms of tge side-scrolling action with totally over-the-top physics, except this time around you get to do it with other people! As Not Doppler lays out in our forums, Renegade Racing will feature multiple levels to race in, more than 10 crazy vehicles to unlock and upgrade, multiple power-ups and vehicle skins that you’ll unlock by completing missions, and more. It sounds similar to what they did with Dead Zed in that they’re not doing a simple straight port of Renegade Racing from the web, but instead are keen on adding new content and features too. With more than 180 million play sessions since its launch in 2013, Renegade Racing has a ton of fans, and they can look forward to the mobile version of the game launching “in the coming weeks" according to Not Doppler.