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Colorful Rhythmic Platformer ‘Vectronom’ Arriving on iOS and Android this Thursday

Back in May, developer Ludopium in partnership with ARTE France released a rhythmic platformer called Vectronom on both Steam and the Nintendo Switch eShop. Vectronom has you moving a colorful cube step by step to the beat across all manner of hazardous levels where the terrain can change on the fly and the electronic soundtrack is thumping in your ears. The game seemed to be well-received on those platforms, with our own Shaun Musgrave enjoying the Switch version well enough in his review. It’s just one of those games that feels like it should be on mobile though, you know? Well good news then as Ludopium and ARTE are dropping Vectronom for mobile later this week on October 17th. Here’s the original Switch and Steam launch trailer if you want to see (and hear) Vectronom in action.

As Shaun pointed out in his aforementioned review, Vectronom is very much set to the beat of its music, and you’re graded based on how well you match your movements to the beat and how many attempts it took you to complete a level. That said, you don’t HAVE to follow the beat, and if you just want to play through the game like a regular isometric platformer then you can certainly do that, it just won’t be reflected in your scoring. In a small way it’s sort of like Crypt of the Necrodancer, though completionists will eventually have to abide by the beat-following rules. Vectronom will also support iOS-compatible controllers, so the 4-player local co-op from the desktop and Switch versions will also make its way to mobile and you can play using just one device. I love the crazy colors and tunes in Vectronom and am looking forward to the iOS and Android version arriving on Thursday. If you’re the pre-ordering type, you can do that on the iOS App Store now for a price of $3.99.