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‘THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR’ from Netmarble and SNK Is Finally Releasing Globally On iOS and Android This Month with Pre-Registrations Now Live

Earlier this year, Netmarble announced that it would be bringing the beat ’em up free to play King of Fighters experience to the West on iOS and Android. THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR has characters from across the vast history of the KING OF FIGHTERS franchise including characters from THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV. It is going to be interesting seeing how this release is supported post launch and how it does on iOS and Android in the West. Watch the cinematic trailer for THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR below:

Today, pre-registrations have gone live ahead the release date later this month. As usual, different pre-registration tiers have different rewards with the highest tier being a 5* fighter selector reward. One interesting thing to note is iOS and Android have their own pre-registration rewards. iOS users will get Iori Yagami while Android users will get Kyo Kusuanagi as option cards. The video below has a nice overview of the game.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR will be released in North America, Latin America, and Europe on October 22nd. If you’re interested, you can pre-register now on the official website for both iOS and Android. Android pre-registration is also live on Google Play. Are you interested in checking out THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR?