‘Sky: Children of the Light’ from thatgamecompany Just Got Updated to Add Mfi, PS4, and Xbox One Controller Support, Loads of New Content, and a Lot More

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Sky: Children of the Light (Free) from thatgamecompany has been something many have been looking forward to for a long time. After finally releasing on the App Store, Sky: Children of the Light continued to get updates after launch adding new content and various fixes. We featured it as our Game of the Week when it debuted as well. Over the weekend, Sky: Children of the Light got a big update bringing lots of new content but more importantly, controller support. This includes MFi, PS4, and Xbox One controller support. The update also added a secret area that you can discover “over time".

Sky: Children of the Light 0.6.0 brings the new season of Lightseekers that adds a new umbrella for shelter, new multiplayer emotes, upgrades to the friendship menu, new music sheets and instruments, new spells, and new daily quests. When it comes to changes, lighting a friend’s star will now send a partial heart instead of a candle. Various bugs involving network issues and collection have been fixed as well. I properly got into Sky recently after convincing some friends to check it out. It has been great. Check out Sky: Children of the Light for yourself on the App Store for free right now and head into our forum thread for more discussion.

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