Classic Physics Puzzler ‘Pebble Universe’ Revived in First Update in Five Years

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Most recently we’ve been talking about developer Itatake because of their awesome 3rd-person swinging game Rest In Pieces (Free), which launched in early March and has been going strong with updates (and a brand new Switch port!) ever since. But as some old-school mobile gamers may already know, way back in the spring of 2012 they also released a super clever physics puzzler called Pebble Universe ($1.99). The interesting thing is that this is right about the time that the App Store was so flooded with physics puzzlers due to the success of Angry Birds that the mere mention of one would make you throw up in your mouth a little bit. Yet somehow Pebble Universe was able to win us over with its unique timing-based gameplay, and we enjoyed it a lot in our review from way back then. Here is the original trailer for Pebble Universe so you can see what it’s all about (and how darn cute it is).

So anyway, while Pebble Universe was pretty popular during its time, this easily could have been one of those games that just sort of faded away into the ether like so many others have. I mean it hasn’t been updated in nearly 5 years. But guess what? Itatake has a soft spot for Pebble Universe as it was their first game, and as CEO Thomas Wedin puts it “We had so many great reviews and love from our players and decided to revive it, because it still is a unique and very entertaining game." True that, Thomas, true that. Even all these years later Pebble Universe still stands out as unique among physics puzzlers, and there aren’t too many games in this genre anymore that you can just buy for a couple of bucks and not have to deal with IAP or other free to play shenanigans. So if you were a Pebble Universe fan way back when, it’s time to revisit this golden oldie with today’s update, and if you’re completely new to the game it’s well worth checking out even all these years later.

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