‘PAKO Forever’ Updated with New “Future” Environment and Tons of New Vehicles

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I am NOT shy when it comes to talking about how much I love the PAKO games from developer Tree Men Games. The original PAKO – Car Chase Simulator ($1.99) has you driving a variety of vehicles that are all stuck on accelerate as you try to outrun an increasingly aggressive group of police without crashing into anything along the way. PAKO 2 ($1.99) takes that same basic concept but adds point-to-point delivery missions and the ability to fight back against the cops to the mix, all with a grittier art style and massively larger environments. Released just shy of a year ago, PAKO Forever (Free) takes the original game and remixes it with randomly generated environments and special power-ups, along with a staggering number of vehicles to unlock and master. All three games revolve around a similar concept but play differently enough from one another that they’re all staples on my iPhone, and this week the newest entry PAKO Forever received an update with a bunch more new vehicles and a new “Future" environment to play in. Here’s quick video showing off gameplay in the Future map.

As you can see, I’m jetting around in a hover car, because it’s the future. In fact there are a whopping 15 new vehicles added in this latest update, and they’re all various types of hover car in all shapes and sizes. It culminates in a full blown UFO that you can fly around in. This update also includes a bunch of new power-ups and new in-game events. One of the neat things about PAKO Forever compared to its siblings is that it’s free to play in a very friendly way. You can play as much as you want with ads, or pay a one-time IAP to remove them. Also, all the vehicles and environments in the game are unlocked slowly by completing different missions, but you can also unlock them with IAP which is split into different packs or as one giant bundle for $6.99. Being that it’s free it also serves as a nice taste of the overall PAKO gameplay, and if you enjoy this one I can pretty much guarantee you’ll enjoy the first two games, which are just straight up paid titles. So be sure to give PAKO Forever and its new Future environment a shot right now.

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