New “DIY Update” for ‘True Skate’ Lets You Place Objects Around Levels

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I think there’s no question who is top dog when it comes to skateboarding games on mobile. Since launching way back in 2012 True Skate ($1.99) from True Axis has continued to evolve and add new content and features year after year after year, and has remained in the top of the charts the entire time. I think a big part of that is that it does an excellent job of straddling the line between a digital toy that you can bust out at any moment and diddle around with for a minute, to being this pretty hardcore simulator where you can sit for hours and hours trying to nail down a specific trick or line (I am very guilty of this). True Skate is a game that has never left my device and is far and away the mobile game I’ve spent the most time with ever. Anyway, this week True Axis has taken a pretty big step with their latest update. It’s dubbed the “DIY Update" and it now allows you to place a limited number of objects around many of the various parks and levels in the game. Here’s a demonstration showing how it works.

True Axis has always been great about adding new levels to True Skate over the years, from their very own creations to famous real-world spots and even TONS of courses from the Street League Series, which True Skate became the official game of a few years back. Basically this game is not hurting at all when it comes to having a variety of environments to skate in. Being able to actually take different objects and place them around the landscapes we’ve skated every square inch of for years is really a big deal. Today’s update is really just dipping their toes in the water too as there’s only a few objects available in each level that allows DIY, but more objects are already planned and I could definitely see this morphing into a full-blown skatepark creator over time. The DIY Update is live now on iOS and is in review and hopefully releasing soon for the Android version on Google Play. This update has reignited my love for True Skate and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

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