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Gearbox Publishing Announces ‘Homeworld Mobile’ Set to Release Soon With Backers Of Homeworld 3 Getting Early Access

Gearbox Publishing had some great announcements at PAX West over the weekend. In addition to announcing and releasing Risk of Rain 2 for all consoles at the same time, Gearbox Publishing which is the publishing arm of Gearbox Software (Borderlands) announced two new Homeworld games. Homeworld 3 is for PC platforms while Homeworld Mobile (temporary title) is for mobile systems as the name suggests. The Homeworld series of RTS games has had quite the history across different publishers before finally being acquired by Gearbox. Watch the teaser trailer below:

Homeworld Mobile is coming soon. Platforms have not been mentioned but it likely will be on both iOS and Android devices. While monetisation hasn’t been announced, the incentive to back Homeworld 3 on Fig to get priority access makes me feel like it will be free to play. Hopefully I’m wrong on this but we shall see. Homeworld 3 has a Fig campaign on right now. The trailer above has in engine visuals which look very good. Hopefully we get more information about Homeworld Mobile soon. Check out the official website here. What’s your favourite Homeworld release?