The ‘Battleheart Legacy’ iPhone X Full Screen Update is Out Now!

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Knowing that developer Mika Mobile is just two people, I tend to give them a bit more slack when the development of their upcoming games takes a super long time or if some of their existing games don’t get updates all that often (or at all). And as you probably already know I’m a pretty big stickler for games supporting the full screen of the iPhone X and other newer iOS devices. Last year’s excellent Battleheart 2 featured that full screen support, but none of Mika’s previous games do, and while that’s definitely a bummer like I said I’m a little more forgiving knowing their limited time and resources. As long as their new games going forward supported all the new screen sizes, I could live with that. But then a few weeks ago Mika went and shocked me by announcing that they’d be releasing a modern device update for their Battleheart Legacy ($4.99), which is easily my favorite of all their games. I was overjoyed, as I’m sure other fans were too, and today that update has gone live in the App Store. Here’s a before and after comparison.

Look how much more of the scene you can see. It’s… glorious! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve played through Battleheart Legacy, and today’s update is a great excuse to do so, so I’m very excited to start up a new game. Of course Battleheart Legacy is the type of game that’s meant to be played over and over and over again until the end of time, so this surely won’t be the last playthrough, not by a long shot. If it’s been a while for you as well, or if you’re new to Battleheart Legacy (it did launch more than 5 years ago, after all) then be sure to grab this newly updated version and embark on an adventure of your own, and stop by the game’s forum thread to share in the excitement with other players.

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