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‘Trail Boss BMX’ is the New 3D Stunt Biking Game from the Makers of ‘Pumped BMX’, Launching August 27th

One of my favorite game series on mobile is Pumped BMX from the self-described “indie micro-studio" known as Yeah Us! The original Pumped BMX ($1.99) launched way back in 2012 and while it featured somewhat plain visuals it included a robust trick system and excellent physics engine, and provided something akin to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in terms of mechanics. It was a ton of fun, and in 2014 Pumped BMX 2 ($0.99) was released and took the strong foundation of that first game and fleshed it out to be nearly perfect with a refined trick system and 3D visuals. Then in 2016 Pumped BMX 3 ($2.99) released and was more or less the ultra-polished culmination of the first two games, and was also planned as the final game in the series. But just because Pumped BMX came to a finale, it doesn’t mean Yeah Us! stopped making games. Today they’re announcing their new project which is something of a fully 3D spiritual successor to Pumped BMX. It’s called Trail Boss BMX and you can see all about it in the following trailer.

As you can see the core concepts of Pumped BMX remain in Trail Boss, as you’ll be speeding around taking huge jumps and tricking in the air, but everything changes when you switch away from the strictly 2D perspective of the original games and go full behind-the-back 3D with this new entry. That said, that doesn’t necessarily mean Trail Boss will be more difficult. The Pumped BMX games were rather challenging and took quite a bit of practice to learn their complex tricking systems. Trail Boss aims to be “more accessible and enjoyable for casual players" while still expanding on everything that made the Pumped BMX games great. It’ll include a whopping 360 challenges to complete across 40 hand crafted levels that take place in 4 distinct environments. And of course all the cool bike customization options you could want. Best of all is that Trail Boss BMX will be sold as a one-time purchase at a price of just $3.99, and it’s available for pre-order on the iOS App Store right now with an Android version published by the fine folks at Noodlecake also planned. Be sure to check this one out when it arrives later this month on August 27th.