Huge “New Leaders & Wonders” Expansion Arriving for Beloved Digital Board Game ‘Through the Ages’ on September 12th

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Back in the fall of 2017, Czech Games Edition released the digital adaptation of Vlaada Chvátil’s legendary board game Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization ($9.99) onto iOS and Android, with a Steam desktop version arriving the following spring. And the gamers, they rejoiced. Since its original physical release back in 2006, Through the Ages has been one of the most beloved board games in the world, and the digital adaptation from Czech Games did it total justice with the ability to play asynchronously online as well as against multiple AI difficulty levels. And now, after a long and difficult wait, a huge new expansion is set to arrive for the digital version this September, and for the physical board game in the months following. The expansion is called the New Leaders & Wonders expansion, and as that name implies, it features a ton of history’s most important people and creations that helped shaped the world as we know it. The trailer spells it out well.

Something very clever about this trailer that was pointed out by YouTube user Math & Logic is that Czech Games were very purposeful in which leaders they highlighted and what features they each called out about the new expansion:

-Gaudi, architect: “Lots of new stuff to build"
-Sun Tzu, author of “The Art of War": “New Arts of War to Master"
-Nobel, dynamite’s inventor: “Explosive amount of new cards"
-Jobs, iPhone creator: “Comes on mobile platforms…"
-Watt, key improver of steam engine: “…and on Steam"
-Gutenberg, creator of efficient printing press: “and also in printed form"
-Nostradamus, reputed “seer": “Coming this fall"
Well played CGE, well played.

I got a total kick out of that, so thank you Math & Logic for noticing. It’s fun to rewatch the trailer with the above in mind. Anyway, as mentioned the New Leaders & Wonders expansion will be arriving for the iOS, Android, and Steam versions of Through the Ages on September 12th at a price of $4.99. Curiously, the physical release won’t be arriving until October 24th in Europe and the end of November in the US. It’s not often you see a digital board game receive an expansion ahead of the physical versions, it’s almost always the other way around. At any rate, the Through the Ages digital version is phenomenal, and has earned itself quite a few fans in our forums, so if you have yet to check it out the base game is available now for $9.99 and this new expansion will be arriving in September.

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