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‘Man Vs. Missiles: Combat’ is Looking for Beta Testers, Launching August 22nd

About a year and a half ago Spiel Studios released Man Vs. Missiles, a really clever avoidance game where your goal was to fly a plane and attempt to outrun missiles that were homing in on you. What made it so fun was its one-thumb single joystick controls that let you maneuver on a dime and trick those silly missiles into flying into each other and blowing up, rather than flying into you and blowing you up. Since its launch in December of 2017, Man Vs. Missiles has received a ton of content updates adding in new planes, new modes, and lots more. Now Spiel is taking things to the next level with a follow-up game called Man Vs. Missiles: Combat. As that name implies, it’s not just you against a bunch of missiles, but now enemy planes have been added to the mix. These guys will actively try to shoot you down, but never fear, you now have your own set of guns and can shoot back. Also you have a health bar instead of the one-hit kill system from the previous game, and can pick up health power-ups while you’re playing, meaning you can take a bit of damage this time around.

So here is where you come in. Spiel is looking for some beta testing help for Man Vs. Missiles: Combat ahead of its release next month, so if you want to take it for an early spin then hit up this public Testflight link and download the beta version of the game. If you’ve played the original Man Vs. Missiles, then this one will feel really familiar in terms of UI and campaign structure and modes, and in fact Spiel is calling this “Chapter 2" of the Man Vs. Missiles series so it’s not like a full-blown sequel. However, it’s really shocking just how much the addition of enemy planes changes up the formula. There’s still a lot of avoidance but now you feel more equipped to take on the enemy threats and it feels good to actually go after those threats rather than just run from them. This does mean that Man Vs. Missiles: Combat isn’t quite as one-hand friendly as the original, as there’s now a fire button to worry about, but it also means it’s more strategic. So give the beta a spin and look for Man Vs. Missiles: Combat to go up for pre-order on August 15th with the full launch coming a week later on the 22nd.