Fan-Favorite Top-Down Shooter ‘Soul Knight’ Adds Boss Rush Mode and More in New Update

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One game that I’d describe as a “sleeper" hit is developer ChillyRoom’s roguelike shooter Soul Knight (Free). I consider it a sleeper because it doesn’t seem to make a ton of noise in the mainstream, but I know that there are A TON of people who play it across the world, and I’ve never come across anyone who didn’t like it. Following a lengthy soft launch on Android, Soul Knight officially launched on iOS in February of 2017, and we loved it in our review from that time. The bigger story though is what’s gone into the game post-release, as ChillyRoom has been great about adding in new content at a frequent clip, like a daily challenge mode, new playable characters, seasonal events, and plenty of cool new weapons. That trend continues this week with Soul Knight’s latest big update. The marquee new feature here is a new Boss Rush mode and 5 new bosses, and you can see it in action in the following new trailer.

This update also includes new buff drinks that let you merge two weapons together to create a new more powerful weapon, some cool new boss-flavored skins for your playable characters so they can go around cosplaying as bosses, new skills for characters to unlock, and apparently ChillyRoom has added “quirky and super OP weapons" to the game. That last bit cracks me up because it’s kind of an embodiment of what Soul Knight is all about. It’s filled with humor and most definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, but at the same time it’s a super skill-based game with a TON of variety in terms of weaponry and character classes. It’s darn near infinitely playable, and it seems like it’s just always getting better thanks to updates like today’s. Soul Knight is free to download with a really fair free to play system so there’s no reason not to check it out if you haven’t before, and be sure to drop by the thread in our forums for tons of impressions and discussion.

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