‘Dr. Mario World’ from Nintendo and LINE Has Released a Day Early on the App Store

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Dr. Mario World (Free) from Nintendo and LINE was announced a while ago for a release on July 10th. This release is Nintendo’s first game with LINE after partnering with Cygames on Dragalia Lost and DeNA on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Dr. Mario World has released early on the App Store and Google Play in many regions. Watch the original gameplay reveal below:

The game features real time PvP multiplayer and you can see your friends’ progress if you connect your Facebook or LINE account to the app. A lot of gameplay was showcased by the Japanese publication Famitsu yesterday including new details about gameplay and more. Watch the multiplayer trailer for Dr. Mario World below:

Dr. Mario World was set to release on July 10th for iOS and Android devices but it has gone live already on iOS in many regions including North America. You can download the game on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android. Check the official website here. What do you think of the game based on what has been revealed so far?

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