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‘Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition’ Coming to iOS July 25th, Available for Pre-Order Now

Heart Machine’s critically-acclaimed action RPG Hyper Light Drifter is one of those games I’ve always secretly held out hope would get a mobile port. Ever since its original launch back in 2016, it has been considered one of the best action games around and is very much one of the poster children for the indie developer movement of the past several years. Many games in a similar position have made their way to iOS, so why not Hyper Light Drifter too? Abylight Studios says “Why not" indeed, and a pre-order listing for Hyper Light Drifter on iOS is now available on the App Store with an expected release date of July 25th and a price of just $4.99. Dreams do come true! Also, as the app description notes, this is the Special Edition of the game which launched on the Nintendo Switch last September and comes with some exclusive content over the original version. Here’s a trailer for the Switch version.

Besides listing the game’s many accolades, the app description for Hyper Light Drifter also mentions that the game will support 120fps on the iPad Pro and 60fps on other iPhone and iPad devices, will support MFi controllers (which will include Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers come iOS 13 this fall), haptic vibration support, and Game Center achievements. All this is in addition to the regular content of the original game and the Special Edition release. For five bucks! July 25th can’t come soon enough. If you’re as anxious as I am, consider pre-ordering the game on the App Store so there’s no chance you’ll miss out on downloading this masterpiece when it becomes available on iOS next month.

[Thanks to Barrett for the tip!]