Bethesda Announces Orion Streaming Technology to Improve Streaming for Everyone and the First Trial Is Coming to iOS This Year

Bethesda surprisingly had quite a few announcements that are relevant to mobile gamers at their E3 showcase. Aside from announcing a new Commander Keen and updates to Blades, Bethesda announced Orion. Orion is streaming technology that will enhance the game streaming experience. Orion is platform agnostic and it reduces latency and bandwidth. While other streaming services depend on hardware, Orion is game engine specific. There will be public trials this year.

Bethesda is also releasing Orion SDK for game developers which will let developers ensure high quality streaming. Out of everything people predicted for E3 from Bethesda, no one expected Bethesda to unveil something like this. The public trial later this year will include the singleplayer content from DOOM. This includes the campaign and Arcade Mode. Multiplayer will not be available in the first trial. If you’ve not played DOOM yet, check out the trailer below:

If you’re interested in playing DOOM on iOS, you can sign up for the trial here. The trial will be available to iOS at launch and you need iOS 11 or iOS 12 to test the service. The plan is to expand it to Android and PC later. DOOM is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC platforms. Read our thoughts on the Switch version here. Have you played DOOM yet?