‘SEGA Heroes’ Adds Largo Potter from ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ to the Roster

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Ever since SEGA first started adding characters from Valkyria Chronicles to its puzzle-RPG SEGA Heroes (Free), I’ve been trying to figure out exactly which ones they would choose. Well, the last character of the initial four has arrived, and I’m pleased to say that I didn’t guess a single one correctly except for Selvaria. Oh well! Let’s have a look together at who fills out the final spot to represent SEGA’s modern strategy masterpiece series.

In a bit of a surprising turn, the seat has been taken by none other than Largo Potter from the first game. He’s the leader of Squad 7’s lancer division, and falls into the trope of being the old man of the group. Since this is an anime-influenced game, that means he is of course thirty-six. How does he even get out of bed without crumbling into dust? Also, he loves vegetables.

In SEGA Heroes, he’s an Epic Red hero who deals elemental damage. His high amount of health makes him an ideal tank, making him the first Red character suitable for that role. His MAX Skill is the Rocket Lance, which deals a nice punch of elemental damage while exploding a random red tile. His Star Skill is Veggie Maniac, where he pumps himself up with veggie power to create three green tiles and either give himself 15% growth for four turns or, at Rally Level 2, give the whole team the same. Veggies, friends. They do a body good. His Passive is Heavy Armor, reinforcing his role as a tank. Largo takes less elemental damage due to this skill, and if you match five tiles or more, he gains Taunt status for three turns.

Of course, with him being an Epic Hero, Largo will require at least fifty shards to unlock. Right now, there are two ways to do that. The Largo Potter Release Chest, which is available for 575 gems, has a 12% chance of coughing up ten shards and a 2% chance of giving you one hundred shards. The Valiant Veteran event that is currently running is also offering up some Largo shards to anyone who places in the Top 500. So yeah, really hard to get as usual. Still, he does seem quite powerful so if you happen to get lucky on that chest, you’ll be very happy indeed.

With all of the Valkyria Chronicles batch finished, SEGA will now likely be moving on to another new franchise. The question is, which one? We seem to be seeing a lot of franchises with human characters so far, so if that pattern holds it does somewhat limit the choices. Yakuza, maybe? Skies of Arcadia, in our wildest dreams? Your guess is as good as mine, friends.

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