Deck-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘One Deck Dungeon’ Just Got Updated to Go Universal on iOS and You Can Buy It for 50% Off for a Limited Time

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Handelabra Studios and Asmadi Games brought One Deck Dungeon ($6.99) to iPad around a year ago. The deck-based dungeon crawler played great on the larger screen but as with most games on iOS, many people aren’t really happy until an iPhone version is released. This is fairly expected given the install base difference and the fact that the iPhone is more portable. The developers announced a universal update for the game earlier this week and that has finally released.

The iPhone trailer above showcases One Deck Dungeon running on iPhone and this update arrives in time for the 1 year anniversary. If you’ve been holding out for an iPhone version or update, you can now buy and play One Deck Dungeon on iPhone 5 and later or iPod touch 6th generation and later.

One Deck Dungeon is available at $4.99 which is a 50% discount on the regular price. The game has in app purchases for individual expansion cards. It is great to see the universal update finally arrive allowing for portrait play on iPhone as I’ve grown to enjoy portrait games on iPhone more over the last few years. The Dragon Quest ports spoiled me for this. If you already owned One Deck Dungeon on iPad, check your purchase history and know that the App Store sometimes takes a while to show iPad games on your iPhone purchases.

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