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‘Formula Classic’ is an Homage to Classic 32-Bit Racers of the ’90s from the Maker of ‘Ala Mobile GP’

You may be familiar with solo indie developer Vincenzo Cosentino aka CViGames by way of his many racing titles released on the App Store over the past several years, most recently the Formula 1-inspired (but not officially licensed!) simulation game Ala Mobile GP ($1.99) which launched in July of last year. And while Ala Mobile GP was an excellent simulation-style game, Cosentino couldn’t help but think back to the classic, more arcade-style racers from the 32-bit era. And when you’re a game developer, you can just MAKE whatever game you have a hankering for! So that’s exactly what he’s doing with new upcoming game Formula Classic, an homage to 32-bit Formula 1-style racers. Check out the trailer.

As Cosentino puts it regarding Formula Classic, it’s all about “aggressive engine sound and pure performance." I love the sense of speed shown in the trailer, and Formula Classic will offer 15 real-world tracks and 4 different racing modes: Championship, Race Weekend, Race, and Time Attack. It will also include “team radio and some other interesting features" so I look forward to learning what else is in store. No release date has been set yet, but there was a pretty extensive beta test held in our community for Ala Mobile so it’s possible there will be something similar for Formula Classic soon, so be sure to register your interest in the game in our forums and we’ll keep an eye on how this one continues to shape up.