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New ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ Details Revealed Including a Battle Royale Mode

It was just over two months ago that Activision announced Call of Duty: Mobile, the latest in a long line of mobile iterations in the legendary first-person shooter series. This latest game looks to provide a full-blown Call of Duty multiplayer experience built from the ground up for mobile touchscreen devices, and as of right now Call of Duty: Mobile is already in limited beta testing in India with a limited test kicking off in Australia soon too. Today Activision has updated their blog with new details about the game, including a reveal of the game’s full-blown Battle Royale mode. While similar to Call of Duty:Black Ops 4‘s Blackout mode, this Battle Royale mode is said to be a unique experience to Call of Duty: Mobile. It’ll feature a massive open-world map that features brand new locations mixed in with familiar locations from throughout the Call of Duty franchise, and currently Activision is playtesting single, two-player, and four-player playlists for this Battle Royale mode. There are tons more details revealed including Class selection, Reviving, vehicles and more, so check out the full blog post for all the nitty gritty and feast your eyes on these new screens from Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale mode.

Today’s update isn’t the only new Call of Duty: Mobile details revealed since the original announcement, as Activision also posted a blog entry last Thursday that revealed a ton of details about the game and its other multiplayer modes. You can read about how the Loadouts work, weapon customization, Scorestreaks, the incredibly customizable control options, some newly announced characters including some well-known soldiers from previous Call of Duty games, and tons more. The game modes in this portion of the game will include a free-for-all Deathmatch with up to 8 players, and Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Domination modes for up to 10 players. There were also a bunch of new maps announced, so if you want to learn all about those and the many other multiplayer details be sure to check out last week’s blog post as well. As someone who loves first-person shooters on mobile I’m really looking forward to Call of Duty: Mobile so we’ll continue to keep an eye out for further updates and details about the game as its development continues.