Recruit Welkin Gunther from ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ in the Latest ‘SEGA Heroes’ Event

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So far we’re seeing a pretty consistent pattern with how SEGA Heroes (Free) adds characters to the playable roster. Each newly-added series seems to get exactly four heroes, regardless of how many installments there were. So, for example, Phantasy Star has two characters from the first game, one from the second, and one that could be from the third, the fourth, or both depending your point of view. Well, we’ve got our third representative from Valkyria Chronicles, and it seems as though this batch is going to be sticking to the first game.

Following the additions of Alicia Melchiott and Selvaria Bles, the main protagonist of the original Valkyria Chronicles, Welkin Gunther, is now available to add to your collection. He’s listed as a Rare unit, which means his stats are likely lower than both Alicia (Epic unit) and Selvaria (Legendary unit). Welkin’s abilities include the MAX Skill Edelweiss, which sticks Volatile status on the enemy and deals damage, the Star Skill Awaken All, which buffs Defense and Focus, and the Passive Skill Nature Lover, which adds a Rally tile when you make a Green match and deals Elemental damage when you make a Rally match.

There are two ways to get Welkin Gunther as of now. The Welkin Gunther Release Chest, which costs 575 gems, has a 25% chance of giving you ten Welkin shards, and a 7% chance of giving you one hundred shards. The newest event, Might of the Militia, offers up Welkin shards as prizes for the top finishers. You’ll have to get into the top 875 to get any of his shards, however. To unlock Welkin, you’ll need at least 25 shards. So yeah, not too easy to get at the moment, but I suspect that like other Rare units, Welkin will probably be added to the regular story maps and the token stores after a while.

The only question now is who will be the fourth character from Valkyria Chronicles? It would seem odd to jump to another installment at this point, so it’s likely to be someone like Isara or Edy. I suppose we’ll know soon enough. With Valkyria Chronicles almost behind us, which SEGA series would you like to see added to SEGA Heroes next? Personally, I’m hoping for either Virtua Fighter or Yakuza. I won’t turn up my nose at Panzer Dragoon or Skies of Arcadia, though. Tell me which ones you’d like to see in the comments, because I’m actually a little curious. And, uh, good look getting Welkin! You’ll need it!

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