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Retro-Style Point-and-Click Adventure ‘Escape Lala 2’ Gets a Trailer and Release Date

Last summer a charming little adventure game called Escape Lala (Free) launched in the App Store and went almost completely under the radar. Created by just a two-person team over the course of a year, Escape Lala looked to tap into the classic point-and-click adventures of the ’90s like King’s Quest, Simon the Sorcerer, The Legend of Kyrandia and more, and although it was a pretty brief experience it really captured that classic feeling well with a hint of modern escape room games. Although it was a criminally overlooked game upon release, those who did discover it enjoyed it a lot, and that has led to Duckbear Lab to spend this past year creating a sequel, appropriately titled Escape Lala 2. Here is the trailer for that sequel.

Escape Lala 2 has an official release date of May 31st for the Steam version, with the iOS and Android versions planned for as soon as possible afterwards, and possibly even on that same day if all the stars align. Even if not, the mobile version is not far off at all. This means that you have a few weeks to familiarize yourself with the original Escape Lala in anticipation of that sequel launching. The Steam version is totally free right now to celebrate the upcoming sequel, so that’s one option if you want to check it out on desktop. On both iOS and on Android, Escape Lala is free with ads and a 99¢ IAP to remove them. There’s no reason not to check it out on your platform of choice and we’ll let you know once Escape Lala 2 has finally made its way to iOS and Android, hopefully within the next month.