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‘Knightphone’ is an Upcoming PvP Base Builder that’s Looking for Some Early Testers

Rogue Inc. has published a ton of great mobile games over the past few years, and they’ve got a bunch more waiting in the wings according to a post in our forums. One that they’ve just announced that looks pretty cool is called Knightphone, because “uh, you’re a knight… with a phone." It’s a PvP base-builder RPG that Rogue describes as “a really badass mix of seriously awesome retro pixel style, dungeon-building, and dope PvP raids, with accessible one-handed gameplay in portrait mode and tons of hidden depth." It is being published by Rogue but developed by Playcorp and MildMania, who you may know as the creators of the awesome Darklings games, among others. Here’s a trailer for Knightphone.

Rogue plans on holding a beta test in the coming weeks, but if you’re liking the look of Knightphone and want to get in on it a bit earlier than that you can head over to the forums and register your interest and you just might get ahold of a Testflight build ahead of the actual kickoff of the beta test. There’s no release date announced just yet but we’ll keep an eye on how Knightphone shapes up and will also keep an eye on what else Rogue has up their sleeves for the coming weeks and months.