GameClub Launches 5th Cell’s ‘Run Roo Run’ in Early Access, Announces Rocketcat’s ‘Super QuickHook’ For Next Week

The heroes over at GameClub, who have endeavored to bring back some of the App Store’s lost classics, have continued to hit their promised weekly release mark with a new lost classic released today for their Early Access program on Testflight. This week’s release is 5th Cell’s hit 2012 auto-run platformer Run Roo Run. Coming at a time when most runners were pretty basic endless affairs, Run Roo Run offered more than 400 finely crafted levels as well as a number of different mechanics that could be layered on top in addition to the typical jumps and slides of other games. It really felt like it paved the way for more skill-based runners like the Rayman Run series, and we loved Run Roo Run in our original review from more than 7 years ago. Now GameClub is bringing it all back and as of today you can play it through their Early Access program.

This marks the eighth GameClub Early Access release since the company was unveiled early last month, following other classic reissues Wooords, Sword of Fargoal, Zombie Match Defense, Incoboto, Chopper 2, Cubed Rally World, and long-time TouchArcade favorite Hook Champ from Rocketcat Games. And speaking of Rocketcat, today GameClub has announced a second Rocketcat game to be getting the GameClub treatment, and that would be none other than Hook Champ’s 2010 sequel Super QuickHook. As any good sequel should do, Super QuickHook took the razor sharp swinging mechanics of Hook Champ and amped everything up to 11 with an entire new story campaign to play through and an exhilarating endless mode to master. It also bumped the visuals up from “8-bit inspired" to “16-bit inspired" and featured that awesome Rocketcat pixel art we’ve come to know and love over the years.

Super QuickHook will be arriving in the GameClub Early Access program next Monday, and if you want to get in on that as well as all the other games I’ve just mentioned that are already in Early Access, not to mention the many more that are coming down the pipe on a weekly basis, then head over to the GameClub website to sign up for their Early Access program. I mean, it’s free, so why the heck wouldn’t you?