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‘Mini PVP’ is a “Bite-sized Multiplayer Arena Shooter” from the Makers of ‘Bit Quake’ and ‘Planet Runners’

Developer Happy Doze has announced their new mobile game project following the release of titles like Planet Runners (Free), the multiplayer platformer, and Bit Quake (Free), the arena-style platform shooter. The new game is called Mini PVP and it actually seems like it evolved from Bit Quake as it’s a very similar type of game. You’re running and jumping around an arena shooting enemies, only in Mini PVP (as the name implies) you’ll be doing it against other players online. It’s designed to be a very bite-sized arena shooter experience with two-minute long matches and 4-player free-for-all deathmatch. Of course other match types could end up in the game too like team deathmatch or domination, but off the bat Mini PVP will just focus on classic everybody-kills-everybody gameplay. Here’s a quick early trailer.

There have been attempts at doing this type of game on mobile before, and some very good ones at that, but what I think Mini PVP succeeds at that most others don’t is keeping things simple. A lot of times this type of game is a little too ambitious for mobile with either overly complex mechanics or matches that take too long. Hopping in and blasting away at some folks for a couple of minutes with very little friction in Mini PVP sounds like a winning formula to me. The developer is looking for a very small number of beta testers, only 30 to start, so if you’re interested in trying to get in on that then check out the thread in our forums. That beta should begin next month and then hopefully a full release for Mini PVP won’t be too far behind.