‘Scorcher’ From Radiangames Gets Content Update on iOS and Arrives on Android

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Just about a month ago Radiangames released their latest game to the iOS App Store, a fun endless canyon racer called Scorcher ($2.99). In it you’ll pilot a super fast ship from a top-down perspective through randomly generated desert canyons while ramming into and destroying “sand sharks" and simultaneously avoiding the massive sand worm that dives in and out of the sand alongside you. It gets extremely frantic and is a ton of fun. There are multiple canyon environments to unlock and race through, and three different ships to unlock and use. And if you reach certain score milestones on each canyon you’ll unlock its Behemoth mode which actually lets you play as the huge sand worm and try to gobble up as many sand sharks as you can in two minutes. It’s quite a cool spin on the regular mode.

This week Radiangames has released an update for Scorcher which adds in two new canyons with new sand worms to both modes in the game. There’s also a new rock pillar obstacle and most of the game’s canyons should now feature more wide open areas in their layout. There are also leaderboard markers right in the level as you play so you can keep easy tabs on the competition, and there’s been a few tweaks to how scoring and unlocking works across the game. Most important of all though is that alongside this update Radiangames has launched Scorcher on Android. Android gamers rejoice! Just as on iOS the game is fully paid and will set you back just $2.99, and you can grab the Android version on the Google Play Store here.

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