Feral Interactive Showcases ‘Tropico’ Running on iPhone Ahead of Its Release

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Tropico ($11.99) from Feral Interactive finally hit the App Store a little while ago as a fully premium port. While the device requirements are a bit high for many, the port is pretty great and it was awesome to see them bring this management simulation construction experience hybrid to iOS. While it initially released on iPad only, it was confirmed to release on iPhone later as well. Check out some gameplay from the original iPad release below:

In a new video from Feral Interactive, they have showcased the iPhone version of Tropico. This lengthy gameplay video was captured using an iPhone 8 which isn’t even the most recent model. It looks really good. I love having these experiences on the phone but still almost always prefer playing them on the iPad. I play Civilization VI about 10 times more on iPad than I do on iPhone. Watch the video below:

If you haven’t picked it up yet, get Tropico on the App Store for iPad right now. You can check out our forum thread for it here for more discussion around the port and the upcoming iPhone version (that will be a free update). Are you planning on stepping into the shoes of El Presidente on the go when it hits iPhone or have you already been enjoying it on iPad?

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