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The Extremely Stylish ‘Towaga 2’ is Looking for Beta Testers

Back in January of 2017 Sunnyside Games, makers of the morbid twitch game The Firm ($0.99), released Towaga ($0.99), a fixed-position defense-style arcade shooter. That’s kind of a mouthful, but if you ever played the classic Ziggurat, Towaga was stitched from the same cloth. You played as a character named Chimù who could harness the power of light as a weapon, and you’d stand atop a mountain using your light powers to fend off enemies from all directions. It was a simple concept that worked really well on the touchscreen with the circular-style aiming, and what really made Towaga stand out was its absolutely gorgeous visual style and crazy smooth animations. Now Sunnyside is prepping the release of the sequel Towaga 2 for both mobile and Nintendo Switch, and you can see a tease of it in action in the following trailer.

Now, the good news: It sounds like Towaga 2 is getting really close to completion, and ahead of its release Sunnyside would like to recruit some beta testers to help iron out any issues before springing the game on the world at large. If you’re interested in partaking in this beta test, just head over to the thread in our forums to find a link to a sign-up sheet which will get you in on the Towaga 2 beta and, if you choose, you can also opt-in to testing any future Sunnyside games as well. I’m a huge fan of the original Towaga so I’ll be keeping tabs on this sequel and will let you know once this final beta wraps up and an official release date is revealed.