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GDC 2019: Noodlecake’s ‘Farm Punks’ is a… Produce Roller?

With a name like Farm Punks, you expect a game to break out of the typical mold, and I can safely say that it does just that. This is truly the punk rock version of a farming game. Well, calling it a farming game isn’t really accurate, though you will be planting trees and harvesting all manner of fruit and produce. There’s the typical stuff like an apple tree, but then there’s the Chips ‘n Dip tree where you can grow and harvest a bowl of guacamole. Because that’s normal. The real fun of Farm Punks is in what you end up doing with your produce, which is something like a speedy ball rolling game. It sounds weird but makes total sense in our demo of Farm Punks in the video below.

One of the things that struck me most about Farm Punks was its level of polish. From the cool 3D menu to the personality of the trees themselves, and of course all the wacky stuff that’s in the various environments you’ll be rolling through. You can tell a lot of time and effort was put into getting the physics and feel just right too, as it’s a joy to roll your various food stuffs through the land and air. The whole tree-planting, unlocking, and upgrading system seems like it’ll offer plenty of progression incentive too. Be on the lookout for Farm Punks, being published by Noodlecake, in the near future.