Major Deal Alert: ‘Evoland 2’ is Only a Dollar Right Now

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Shiro Games realized the full potential of their trip through the history and evolution of RPGs with Evoland 2 ($4.99) when it released on desktop back in 2015. The original Evoland was incredibly novel in the way that it started out in the basic 8-bit times and as you progressed it moved through 16-bit and eventually full polygonal 3D as it mimicked both the evolution of video game hardware as well as the RPG genre itself. The problem was that it felt like a really cool gimmick that was stretched out too far as the initial novelty wore off. Evoland 2 fixed this by providing a full compelling game that still took advantage of the cool gimmick but weaved it in in a way that felt more natural, and it also mimicked many other types of gaming genres which added much needed variety to the experience. It’s like one big love letter to video games. Last year Evoland 2 made its way to mobile thanks to the good folks at Playdigious, and currently you can grab the full game for just 99¢ on both iOS and Android.

Normally Evoland 2 sells for about seven bucks on iOS and eight bucks on Android, and while it’s been on sale for as low as $1.99 before this is the first time it’s ever been just 99¢. I honestly can’t think of a better deal right now. If you’re still not sure if Evoland 2 is for you even for a dollar, then feel free to check out our full review of the game as well as our Game of the Week writeup, and there’s lots of additional impressions from players in our forums. I’m not a huge RPG person myself but I found Evoland 2 to be incredibly enjoyable, so at this price it might be worth considering even if RPGs aren’t normally your thing. You might need to act fast though as although Playdigious hasn’t announced an ending date for the sale it did drop in price yesterday and could be over at anytime, and this is definitely a deal you don’t want to miss out on.

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